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What we offer?

Visual artists , this is your chance to stand out on the international art scene! EvolucionArts invites you to be part of our platform dedicated to promoting and disseminating the work of plastic artists on the five continents.

Custom Website Design: Get your own professional website with design, hosting and subdomain included, with the artist's name, all for one year.

Digital and Printed Catalog: We create a digital and printed catalog of your work, with the digital dossier published on our website for one year.

Exhibitions in the Metaverse:

Participate in two exhibitions in our gallery in the metaverse, with invitations, individual sheets per artist, catalogue, website and gallery hosting in the metaverse, all for one year.

In-Person Exhibitions: You will have the opportunity to participate in in-person exhibitions with promoters with whom we have agreements, subject to availability and restrictions.

Continuous Promotion: Our team will dedicate itself for a year to constantly inviting artists to calls from various parts of the world, so that they can exhibit and promote themselves.Promotion on Social Networks and Press Media:

We will promote you on social networks such as X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and international press media, all for one year.

Recovery Cost:All this for only 100 euros per year.For artists who are already in our directory, the cost will be only 50 euros per year.

Compare this price with that of web page design and hosting and you will see that we are the best option on the market!

Join EvolucionArts and take your artistic career to the next level

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For more details, send an email to evolucionarts@evolucionarts.com or find us on our social networks or website

You sentJoin EvolucionArts and take your artistic career to the next level!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. You can use the form on our website or email us directly. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.


The power of AI integrated into the sale, promotion and diffusion of art.

These are some examples of the services that we can offer you, we also have traditional services for the promotion, dissemination and sale of art.

Content generation: Use AI to generate additional content related to your works, such as descriptions, stories behind the pieces or messages for social networks. This allows you to maintain a consistent online presence without having to manually create content all the time.

Personalized Recommendations: Implement AI-based recommendation systems on your website or online sales platform. These systems may suggest similar works to visitors based on their preferences and past behavior.

Social Media Automation: Use AI-powered social media scheduling tools to schedule regular posts to your profiles. AI can help you identify when is the best time to post and create engaging messages.

Market data analysis: Use AI to analyze market data and trends in the art world. This can help you identify opportunities to create works that are in demand.

Interactive content creation: AI can help you create interactive content, such as augmented reality (AR) experiences or social media filters based on your artwork. This can attract a wider audience and generate interest in your creations.

Translation and localization: If you want to reach international audiences, use AI to translate and localize your content and descriptions of works. This will make it easier for people from different countries to understand and connect with your art.

Chatbots for customer service: Implement AI chatbots on your website or sales platform to answer frequently asked questions from customers and help with the purchase of works. This can improve the user experience and increase conversions.

Fraud detection and works protection: Use AI to detect potential fraud or unauthorized copies of your works online. This can help you protect your copyright and the integrity of your work.

Dynamic Pricing: AI can help you dynamically adjust the prices of your works based on demand and other market factors, which can maximize your revenue.

AI Collaborations: Explore the possibility of collaborating with AI algorithms to create unique works of art. This can generate interest and curiosity among art lovers.

Remember that the implementation of AI in your art sales and promotion strategy must be carefully planned and adapted to your specific needs. AI can be a valuable tool, but it's important to use it creatively and ethically to promote and sell your artwork.

Ask for information, we are sure we have a strategy, according to your possibilities, the directors of this company and they are artists, so we know the needs of our clients well.

Have an online graphic designer with low costs.

Below is a list of some services we can offer you:

Graphic Design: This service includes the creation of visual products to transmit a message, such as posters, infographics, flyers, symbols and signage, brochures, among others.

Editorial Design: In editorial design, both digital and printed, it consists of the hierarchy and organization of information so that it is visually attractive.

Web Design: This specialization focuses on the design of websites and mobile applications. It is important that a website has an adequate design, both visual and User Experience (UX), that could define its success or failure.

Visual Identity Design: The design of a visual identity is as delicate as it is important, and although it would belong to “graphic design”, it is a job that must include extensive analysis and creativity for it to be effective.

Graphic Design for Social Networks: This service focuses on the creation of banners, gifs, graphics in different sizes and responsiveness, etc., which have become essential for the positioning of social networks.

Multimedia Product Design: This service includes the creation of videos with or without animation, visual effects, augmented or visual reality graphics are also services that clients request and that are well remunerated for their degree of difficulty.

Advertising Design: Design specialized in selling continues to be one of the most important products of any company. Creating a graphic that generates the feeling of purchase while being subtle is very careful.

Packaging Design: Packaging is the item that will touch the customer's hands and is the decisive factor for consumers to decide on a brand. Therefore, packaging design is extremely important.

art dealer service.

Buying and selling works of art: This is the main service that an art dealer offers. Buys works of art and sells them to collectors, museums, galleries, etc.

Art Appraisal: An art dealer may also offer appraisal services to determine the value of a work of art.

Acquisition advice: Art dealers can advise clients on the acquisition of works of art, whether for their personal collection or for investment.

Management and conservation: Art dealers can also offer management and conservation services for the works of art they sell.

Auctions: Some art dealers also organize auctions to sell works of art.

Exhibitions: Art dealers can organize exhibitions to display the works of art they have for sale. These exhibitions can be in galleries, museums, art fairs, etc.

Research: Art dealers may also conduct research on the artwork they sell or the art market in general.

Sales advice: Art dealers can advise clients on the sale of their works of art.

Restoration: Art dealers can also offer restoration services for damaged or worn artwork.

Rental: Some art dealers also offer rental services for artwork.